Forum Title: Drop Ceiling Question
I have a job that I looked at in a customer's basement. For the ceiling he wants either a drop ceiling or drywalled, my problem is that there is water pipes/valves that stick down 6 past the 2x8s for the hot water heat and lots of electric and telephone wires that have been run over the years that are tacked on the bottom/across the studs. My question is how much space do you need to use a drop ceiling (measurement from top of track to existing ceiling) I have never installed these ceiling as I think they look very tacky but this is only a 4'x12'x8' hallway in the basement. I thought of sister studing down the amount that I need but with all the wires and plumbing I just don't think that it would be a safe thing to do(only room for small pcs). If there is any suggestions on alternative ways to handle this please let me know, if any more info is needed just ask. Thanks.
Category: General Contractor Post By: BENJAMIN BAILEY (Bellingham, WA), 03/13/2018

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